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Peek at the Heart

The tree we’d so admired was not the sturdy, safe, beautiful place of refuge we’d thought. Thank the Lord, none of the kids were in that tree house when the tree fell.

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CRAVE HIM! Author Teresa Tysinger

Teresa Tysinger is the only author I’ve ever known. Then again, I’m one of her characters, so I guess that makes sense. Allow me to introduce myself to you fine folks. I’m Livy Johnson, the heroine in Teresa’s debut novel, Someplace Familiar. Most of us characters don’t get the chance to chat with our authors.

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Dense Fog is a Blessing

I’m a big picture person. I like to know where I’m going. What my goals are, so I can make effective decisions along the way. Many times, this big picture thinking feeds my need to control my situations, although God’s been working with me on that topic for many years!

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CRAVE HIM Author Lena Nelson Dooley

It is always exciting to meet a new author. When I was asked to introduce you to Lena Nelson Dooley, I was very excited because it is not every day that you get to meet an author who has sold close to a million books, is a blogger, AND hosts two radio programs! It is both a blessing and honor to introduce you to her!

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CRAVE HIM! Author Marguerite Gray

We all come across people that have a natural beauty about them that just causes you to want to know more. It isn’t just a physical beauty, but a sweet spirit and a welcoming smile. That was how it was when I first came across Marguerite a couple years ago.

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CRAVE HIM! Author Lynne Gentry

Please help me welcome Christian author Lynne Gentry! I thank you, sweet Lynne, for stopping by to visit with our CRAVE readers. I’m very excited you’re coming to CRAVE HIM in September! It’s always so fun to get readers and authors together

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